dashcam technology simplified®



Dashcams are a worldwide trend that is taking off in the US, coinciding with rampant increases in unsafe driving and road rage. Consumers want dashcams to protect themselves on the road and to create memorable videos, but they are confused by the many options with many different feature sets. Also, the installation, use, and apps for conventional dashcams are too complex.
DASHCAMS PROTECT® takes the guesswork and hassle out of selecting, installing, and using dashcams by providing a top quality 4k system with the most desired features, preinstalled in your new vehicle solely by new car dealerships authorized and trained by Safety F1rst®. Features of the 4K1™ system include Ultra High Definition 4k video recording, automatic sensing and recording of events, GPS, and wireless connectivity to an easy-to-use app on your smartphone to view and share videos. The entire system including its wiring is hidden from view.
Other dashcam systems require customers to select from countless options in the marketplace, then obtain, format, and install microSD cards, update software, find and download an app, and figure out how to link and operate the system. In contrast, the DASHCAMS PROTECT® system has all components preinstalled, preformatted, updated, and ready to use, with a trained representative showing customers how to use the system in person.

Ask your dealership for a demonstration of the DASHCAMS PROTECT® system today and see how they can protect you and your family by providing Video When It Counts®.

Make sure your next new vehicle is equipped with DASHCAMS PROTECT®.